Sergio’s Pool Plaster & Renovations

What can we do for you?

If you own an in-ground concrete pool and/or spa and are looking for somebody to help you apply new plaster to your new or existing old pool and/or spa we can help you with that. Sergio’s Team is trained to install new tile and/or coping around your pool and/or spa perimeter. We can remove paint from your pool surface and apply new Pool Plaster Finish!
Our new service is Pool Renovations! Have a crack or stain in your pool but don’t want to replaster quite yet? Sergio’s team can come and patch up those cracks! We love creating beautiful hardscapes around our newly finished swimming pools! We can create new Swimming Pool concrete decking using brick pavers or applying Kool Deck.

What are our qualifications?

We have been plastering and renovating residential and commercial pools for 30 years. Our experience and quality makes us one of the best pool plastering companies in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Furthermore, we offer quality and timely service when renovating your pool.

our experts

Our team of workers are trained professionals and have many certifications from all of our pool plaster finish companies!