Benefits of Durazzo Pool Plaster Finish

Easy Maintenance

Durazzo’s lifetime will be greatly enhanced through proper and regular maintenance. Test and record water chemistry values once a week, and adjust as indicated per water-balance table recommendations. Brush entire pool, walls and floor weekly. Remove any debris and foreign materials immediately to prevent staining. Check and maintain filter, pump motor and skimmer baskets to maintain proper flow and filtering action. Maintenance every year is very minimal!

Durable Marble

Durazzo is a state-of-the-art, pre-blended pool plaster designed to provide an exceptionally smooth, colorful and long lasting finish. Durazzo’s unique formulation of the whitest marble aggregates, highest quality colored quartz, Portland cement and performance enhancing admixtures provide an extremely durable and attractive alternative to traditional pool coatings.


Sergio’s Pools hope you are enjoying your new pool. Durazzo finishes were made ease of maintenance a top priority as a sign of our commitment to achieve the highest quality standards. Registering your Durazzo pool is simple, protects your investment and also ensures efficient warranty service. Go to to get warranty!

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