Benefits of Florida Stucco Pool Plaster Finish

The benefits of Florida Stucco Pool Plaster is indispensable. Family friends and vacationers use swimming pools and spas year round. The wear and tear on pool surfaces is brutal. Nevertheless, this tough material holds up for years.

Pool Plaster Finish Properties:

Developed from a mixture of two grades of silica, Portland cement, water resisting materials, and a fade pigment; this coating adds up to quality Florida Stucco pool plaster. This low maintenance, weather resistant stucco does not require constant attention and it needs no painting.  Florida Stucco pool plaster’s resilient coating wears better than the average pool exterior finishes, no matter how much use it gets.

Florida Stucco Pool Plaster Finish Benefits

  • Non-slip
  • Less spot etching
  • Multiple colors
  • Resist stains
  • Non-abrasive


Customers can finish pool or spa surfaces in colored glass beads, pearl, a gem finish or aggregate finish. Products are backed by a guarantee. Florida Stucco pool plaster is made under strict quality guidelines placing the safety of the customer as a priority. The company has over 30 years of pool experience, providing outdoor coatings products for decks and pools in the Florida community.

Reap the benefits of Florida Stucco Pool Plaster on your deck, patio, or pool area by calling today. Materials used in outdoor spaces are constantly tested and updated to meet the changing demands of cleaning elements used in today’s spas and pools.

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