Benefits of River Rok Pool Plaster Finish

Join the may pool owners taking advantage of the benefits of River Rok Pool Plaster. The look of the pool is an important asset. The use of white plaster is nice. Nevertheless, a beautiful blend of color gives a glamorous look to a pool.

River Rok Pool Plaster Finishes

River Rok makes a pool stand out with an attractive but robust finish. This pebbled surface is a mixture of small river pebbles inserted throughout the surface of the spa or pool. Consumers are increasingly using the pebble finish. It is growing in reputation and last for 8 to 10 years.


A 5-year warranty attests to the reliability of this pool resurfacing material. River Rok is an exceptionally strong material. Standing under the stress of spas and hot tubs this material is the ultimate in pool resurfacing. Chemically designed to remain undisturbed by pool products, River Rok is not subject to changes in form.

River Rok Pool Plaster Benefits

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Strong
  • Stain Resistant
  • Slip Resistant
  • Adaptable Design

Pool and spa surfaces need tough materials to maintain properly service surfaces. Chemical used to maintain this environment could eat away at the surface causing chipping, peeling and erosion. River Rok pool plaster is a coating designed to withstand harsh chemicals for a longer period, reducing resurfacing longer.

River Rok Blue Opal Pool Plaster – Doylestown, PA

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