Benefits of SunStone Quartz Pool Plaster Finish

SunStone finishes are blends of specially selected quartz and other aggregates, fortified with White Portland cement and AquaGem color quartz accents.


Durability is one of the most important features when choosing the right Pool Plaster Finish. You don’t want to have to continue to change your plaster finish so you must choice something that will last a long time under wear and tear of the summer days! The proven durability of SunStone Exposed Aggregate finishes provide an alternative to traditional pool plaster. The plaster is even Extremely Etch Resistant which means the surface won’t scratch very easily!

High Compressive Strength AquaGem Color Quartz

SunStone’s variety in color and texture offers the customer almost limitless flexibility in poolscape design ideal for residential or commercial projects. SunStone is easily installed but intended for use by professional applicators which Sergio’s are approved applicators by CL Industries. There are 14 Different colors to choice from!

Easy Maintenance

Once surface to a clean and prepared surface by Sergio’s. The plaster will be bond coated with PERMAKOTE. The pool will be off limites for 48 Hours. With proper chemical testing and maintenance in the 1st month. After that SunStone Exposed Aggregate finishes is very easy to maintenance!