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Benefits of Durazzo Pool Plaster Finish

Easy Maintenance

Durazzo’s lifetime will be greatly enhanced through proper and regular maintenance. Test and record water chemistry values once a week, and adjust as indicated per water-balance table recommendations. Brush entire pool, walls and floor weekly. Remove any debris and foreign materials immediately to prevent staining. Check and maintain filter, pump motor and skimmer baskets...
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BENEFITS of KrystalKrete Pool Finish

Krystalkrete Pool Plaster is made from the finest materials to create the most luxurious quartz pool finish. KyrstalKrete is available in 16 distinctive colors that will transform your pool and your back yard living space into a breathtaking masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for traditional elegance, contemporary flash or something in between, nothing captivates the imagination...
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Solving The Cloudy Water Problem

No Pool owners want a Cloudy swimming Pool the day before your supposed to throw the biggest pool party f the summer! Sergio's Pool Service is here to help you remedy the Cloudiness in your pool’s appearance.

What Causes the Cloudy Water Problem.

Water cloudiness or turbidity is caused by the introduction of suspended particles that are...
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Commercial Pool Plaster LA Fitness Swimming Pool Brookhaven, PA

February weather in Brookhaven, PA is very cold and brisk. Outdoor Swimming Pools are closed and covered for the winter. Most people are avoiding evening going outside to clean up around the pool! This is "OFF" Season for most Pool Plaster Contractors. February is Sergio's Pool Plaster's "BUSY" Commercial Pool Plaster Season. This swimming pool in...
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Benefits of Florida Stucco Pool Plaster Finish

The benefits of Florida Stucco Pool Plaster is indispensable. Family friends and vacationers use swimming pools and spas year round. The wear and tear on pool surfaces is brutal. Nevertheless, this tough material holds up for years.

Pool Plaster Finish Properties:

Developed from a mixture of two grades of silica, Portland cement, water resisting materials, and a...
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Steps To Take Care of Your Pool After Plaster

The pool plaster finish will start to hydrate immediately after mixing, with the majority of hydration taking place within the first 28 days after plaster. This is a critical time period when a pool plaster finish is most susceptible to staining, scaling and discoloration. Proper steps to take after procedures including timely brushing and constant monitoring...
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Best of Ottsville Award: Pools Service Category

Sergio's Pool Service, Inc. Receives 2016 Best of Ottsville Award

Ottsville Award Program Honors the Achievement Sergio's Pool Service, Inc. has been selected for the 2016 Best of Ottsville Award in the Pool Service category by the Ottsville Award Program. Each year, the Ottsville Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success...
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