Commercial Pool Plaster LA Fitness Swimming Pool Brookhaven, PA

February weather in Brookhaven, PA is very cold and brisk. Outdoor Swimming Pools are closed and covered for the winter. Most people are avoiding evening going outside to clean up around the pool! This is “OFF” Season for most Pool Plaster Contractors. February is Sergio’s Pool Plaster’s “BUSY” Commercial Pool Plaster Season.

This swimming pool in the brand new LA Fitness in Brookhaven, PA off Edgemont Ave is state of the art. This pool has all the bells and whistles. Safety is important for a commercial swimming pool and this pool has everything from a floating EMS Table to a Wheel Chair Lift that will allow handicapped swimmers the ability to enter the swimming pool!

Diamond Brite – Super Blue Pool Plaster Finish

Sergio’s Pool Plaster worked together with LA Fitness to choice the best and most reliable pool plaster for commercial pool plaster. We came to a solution to choice ¬†Diamond Brite – Super Blue Pool Plaster Finish with 3 blue tiled swimming lanes. The steps in the shallow end were also tiled for making getting in and out of the pool more easier.

View The Benefits of Diamond Brite Pool Plaster Finish

Diamond Brite – Super Blue Pool Plaster Finish LA Fitness Brookhaven, PA Gallery

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