The Important Steps for a Dream Pool

Do you ever walk off your back porch in the heat of summer and day dreaming that you had a swimming pool to dive into? Don’t quite have the finances to purchase a brand new in ground pool? Or just really nervous about the amount of work that you will have to put into cleaning and maintaining the pool? Stop dreaming and do some research!

Swimming Pool Budget

You always need to plan a budget for any big house or property purchase. Don’t let yourself think your budget will not handle the cost of a new pool. Sergio’s Pool Service has teamed up with banks and other loan agencies to help clients finance beautiful pools. Get a loan to fit your budget. Loans for pools are low interest and approved fast! Our pool loan agencies approve within a couple days. Simply call our office, and we can help you begin the process.

Pick a Pool Plaster Finish, Tile & Coping

The list of pool finishes and colors are endless! Each style and color can give a pool that complete look of luxury your are looking for. Plaster finishes seal and make the pool safe to use for years. Pebble plaster is tough, aggregate offers a polished look and it is strong. Sergio’s Pool Service are certified Pool Plaster Finishes and have plenty of samples at the office! Fell free to call the office and ask for samples!

Some Pool Plaster Finishes include Stonescapes, Durazzo, Florida Stucco, Diamond Brite, Sunstone select, Sunstone, Marquis Series, River Rok, Krystalkrete. We make it as easy as possible to get you a beautiful pool. We have created quality pools for over 25 years and we are ready to create yours.

After finishing the process of picking which pool plaster finish you want, all you need to do is pick the right tile and coping. Tiles place a pool in a category distinctly yours. Lovely browns and blues with sea creature designs are available to ornament your pool.

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