Olympic Size Pool Problem: Pool Water Green?

chemical pool levels
If you have been watching the Olympics this summer you may have saw the neon green pool water that turned the olympics upside down! Most pool Olympic officials couldn’t figure out a solution to make the water back to crystal blue!

The water was crystal clear during the opening events but had seemingly transformed overnight

The Problem

 According to NBC, the problem with the color of the water arose when 80 liters of hydrogen peroxide was introduced into the pool on the day of the opening ceremonies.

The water of the diving pool at right appears a murky green, in stark contrast to the pool’s previous day’s color clear blue!

After officials blamed the color change on algae, FINA, the international governing body for swimming, released a statement that placed the blame on a lack of chemicals for the pools.

FINA said some water tanks ran out of necessary chemicals that treat the water for the pools. The lack of chemicals left the pH level of the water “outside of the usual range,” they said in a statement.

The Solution

Olympic officials had to do the correct research in order to get the chemical levels and the chlorine levels of a pool to the correct levels to make the pool crystal blue!

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