Pool After Care: Stains and Discoloration

Staining and water discoloration issues has been an issue since the before Sergio’s Pools Service was a Company! Yes that is a long time! We know we are old! These stains and water discoloration problems occur on pool and hot tub surfaces and can be a summer bummer! They can be frustrating, as well as hard to take care of yourself. Removing stains can be a complicated process which is often done incorrectly, resulting in wasted time and money, adding to the pool and/or hot tub owner’s frustration. That’s why Sergio’s Pool Service can help you with your Pool Stains and Water Discoloration problems.

What Causes a Swimming Pool Stain?

For instance, metals and even improper or poor techniques used in the construction of the pool all play a factor. In fact, these are all very different and all too common scenarios, which lead to the discoloration of underwater pool and/or hot tub surfaces. Stains are caused by the chemical or physical interaction of two dissimilar materials such as acrylic steps and leaves that fall into your pool. Some stains might not be stains but algae marks on the side of the pool walls!

Stains are typically metallic and generally stem from iron, copper or manganese, are somewhat harder to remove.

Techniques for removing Stains:

  • surface-appropriate brush. Brush every 24 Hours
  • using the correct combination of chlorine (Cl) (elevate the level of chlorine to hit breakpoint) and scrubbing the area vigorously with a surface-appropriate brush. Brush every 24 Hours
  • Balance pool water chemistry before using any stain removal products.

The key to the prevention and remedy of swimming pool and hot tub stains is testing and awareness. Be aware of the environmental factors such as trees that might be near your pool! Also make sure ytour stairs and other metals like railings are not rusting or causing stains. It’s always better to take the necessary preventative measures before a stain gets too bad! We are always willing to come out and check the stains in your swimming pool!

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