Pool Off Season Checklist

Keeping Your Pool in Tip Top shape for Summer and safe during off season is an all year round job. It’s kind of like when the kids asked for a puppy and they PROMISED they would walk and feed the puppy….yeah they didn’t and now your stuck with a full grown dog that you can’t get enough of! If your like us, our swimming pool is just like a little puppy and we treat it as so.

1.) Keep Your Swimming Pool Covered & Clean

We always suggest using a reputable Pool Supply Company for your Pool Cover Needs. The perfect time to cover your swimming pool is when the temperature hits lower than 65F. Remember Freeze damage repairs can be costly during the pool off season. Remove debris that might fall on your pool cover during winter storms.

2.) Keep Algae Away

That ugly green stuff that shows up when your ready to open your swimming pool is ugly and no good! We suggest using this product: Omni Winter Care Algaecide. During the fall make sure to add Algaecide and Chlorine to secure a safe opening.

3.) Check Equipment & Pipes

Winter in Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware can be brutal. Pipes in homes freeze…imagine pipes under your swimming pool and motors that keep your pool warm. It’s always good to run some tests every month. Drain the water from the pump, pool heater and filter.

Remember Closing your Pool Later and Opening Earlier and keeping your Alkalinity and Chlorine Levels perfect ensures a perfect swimming pool!

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