Pool Plaster Alpha, New Jersey

Even though the summer season has ended, the weather is still warm enough to enjoy your swimming pools. If you’re in a location where the temperatures are cooling down, now is a great time to do some repair or maintenance work on your pool.River-Rok-Blue-Opal-10

Professional Pool Plaster Experts

Pool Plastering is a must have if you want to stay safe and it’s used for aesthetic purposes. There are numerous pool plastering companies out there, but if you want the best service with the best prices; Sergio’s Pool Renovation has you covered. The company has been around for 30 years and has the skill & expertise to get the job done right. Located in Souderton, PA, the company is looking to expand their business into Alpha, New Jerse. Sergio’s specializes in pool plaster and renovations of residential and commercial sized pools.

Types of Pool Plaster

Sergio’s provides your pool with high quality work making it more durable and pleasing to the eye. The company uses:

Aggregate Plaster: Comes in many colors and gives you a sparkling, beautiful appearance
Hydrazzo: Has a polished look and a smooth surface finish
White Plaster: Gives you that classic appearance
Pebble Plaster: Very durable aggregate finish that has a beautiful look
Want a specific finish? Sergio’s provides customers with many of the top brands like River Rok, Sunstone Select, Diamond Bright, Florida Stucco, Krystalkrete, and more. Now is a great time for making repairs and renovations and for free estimates, call (610) 847 6915.

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