Pool Plaster Contractor Richboro, PA

The summer is a great time for having family over to go swimming in the pool. Pool Plaster Contractor Sergio’s Pool Plaster serving Richboro, PA is a pool plaster, repair, and renovation company ready to create a comfortable environment for summer fun in and around your swimming pool.

Licensed & Insured Pool Plaster Services

Sergio’s Pool Plaster Contractor is qualified by the manufacturers of the products used in plastering your pool. We specialize in Pool Plaster Finishing using all the best materials and manufactures. There are a ton of Pool Plaster Color and materials to choose from. These plaster finishes will definitely improve the look of your pool. By hiring Sergio’s with over 30 years of pool plaster, renovation and repair experience you will not regret the choice.

Choosing the Right Pool Plaster

Sergio’s Pool Plaster is able to install color plaster finishes in a timely fashion. But choosing the color and feel of the plaster is another job! Our team of trained professionals have many samples of pool plaster finishes to help you narrow down the results! The feel of the pool surface is important. Our quartz plaster finish product insulates and creates a smooth surface for swimming.

Resurface your pool with mini pebbles. Choose a color that accentuates the look you want in a pool, Cameroon, aqua blue, tropic, Caribbean blue and others. This surface is strong and works for pool and or spa. The pool plaster finishes leave a beautiful coloring to the pool water increases its aesthetics.

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