Pool Plaster East Brunswick, New Jersey

There is no doubt in East Brunswick, New Jersey, there are many custom designed pools. Some are new and were built as an addition to the purchase of a new home. Others are existing pools that over the years have not been well maintained and need to be replastered by the pool experts of Sergio’s Pool Services!

Remodel, Renovate, Repair and RePlaster Your Pool

In the course of pool ownership, owners often find that water pressure against pool walls and floors cause wear quickly. This depends on pool size. For example, an commercial & residential pools always need regular maintenance to prevent wear.

To avoid potential pool deterioration, choose a pool plaster professional with extensive experience. It’s important to know even newly installed pools may have certain defects since pool plaster materials are usually from outsourced for cheap. Sergio’s Pools always supplies the top material from industry manufactures.

Contact your Sergio’s Pool Plaster professional in East Brunswick at the first sign of the need for replaster. Small flaws often become bigger ones, if they are not properly repaired by pool plaster experts.

Give Your Pool a Great New Look with New Pool Plaster

In many East Brunswick homes, older pools need to get new pool plaster finishes. This is the time to consider renovating or remodeling. This work may involve replastering walls and pool floors. You might also want to consider a new custom design.

Let your East Brunswick Pool Plaster pros assist with an upgrade to make your pool look new again. Contact your Pool Plaster experts in East Brunswick today.


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