Pool Plaster Flemington, New Jersey

No matter how well you take care of your pool, it will suffer wear. Pool Plaster Flemington, New Jersey has just the right plaster style for the renovation of your pool. These pool plaster experts are serving Flemington, New Jersey homeowners from start to finish, with over 25 years of pool plaster and pool renewing experience.

Styles of Pool Plaster Finishes

White Plaster– a common finish is quite durable. This pool plaster is selected by many customers. It is sturdy, but stains if chemical components are not maintained. This is commonly used on commercial swimming Pools.

Hydrazzo fits smoothly over the surface of your pool and does not feel rough under the feet while in the pool. It is ultra-luxurious and rates as one of the top levels in pool surface coverage. Hydrazzo, sold in beautiful colors, fits a number of decors.

Diamond Brite– is a combination of high-grade white plaster and quartz aggregate. This material offers a lovely Caribbean look in the pool with the advantage of an easy to walk on the surface.

Rock Finishes- Mau Gem and Mother of Pearl are only two pool plaster finishes offered by our pool plaster, repair, and renovation company.  Surfacing fits inside, or outside the pool, is tough and slip proof.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Plaster

  • Sturdy
  • Stain resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Fits any pool design
  • Easy to maintain

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