Pool Plaster Greenville, Delaware

Constant use and natural elements making your pool walls decolorized and stained? If you live in Greenville, Delaware, then it’s time to call Sergio’s Pool Renovations. Over the years, Sergio’s Pool Plaster and Renovations has depended on informal referrals and customer loyalty and trust that it has built to become one of the best pool solutions company in the region. We have invested heavily on professionalism and focus all our effort on client needs. Our experienced staff is trained to work with deadlines in mind while ensuring that the result mirrors the clients expectations.Commercial-Pool-Plaster-Langhorne-5

Pool Plaster Services

Our experience and longevity in the pool restoration business has ensured that Sergio’s staff has seen pretty much every pool design there is, giving us the capacity to repair pools in any condition. Our repair division is all in-house and a huge number of private and commercial clients depend on our mastery to offer options or opinions when their pools need to be serviced. Our many plastering options include white plaster, Hydrazzo, aggregate plaster and pebble plaster. The plastering and resurfacing are done at your convenience keeping in mind the sanctity of your property.

Professional & Trusted

The company is insured meaning clients can have peace of mind about their property for the duration of the project. Sergio’s guarantees clients a durable and beautiful end product that will make swimming fun again. Our support team is available to handle your requests 24/7 and can arrange free site tours to offer the best plaster solutions.

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