Pool Plaster Harleysville, PA

Your swimming pool not only needs to look good but, more importantly, it needs to work correctly. Maintaining the plaster in your pool is a very important part of keeping your swimming pool safe and functional.

Swimming Pool Plaster Services

Over time, pool plaster can flake, crack, or peel. This not only looks unsightly but allows water to seep through. If this is not taken care of it can cause major problems to the foundation of your pool. By fixing the problem quickly you can avoid bigger problems, and more expense, later on.River-Rok-Blue-Opal-8

Pool plaster comes in many different colors and finishes. This allows you to choose something that enhances the look of your swimming pool while fitting in with the surroundings.

Swimming Pool Plaster Finishes

  • Aggregate
  • Pebble
  • Quartz

If you have noticed any imperfections in your pool plaster it is best to have them looked at by a swimming pool professional. Sergio’s Pool Renovation have been serving the Harleysville, PA area for over thirty years. Our trained applicators are professionals with many years of experience in swimming pool repair and pride themselves on offering a quality service in a timely manner.

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