Pool Plaster Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey

Hot weather stirs many to take a dip in the pool. Wear and weather can damage pool surfaces requiring resurfacing. Pool Plaster Parsippany, New Jersey is a quality pool company qualified to repair damage to your pool. In business for over 30 years with experience in installing.Sierra-Slate-Blue-Pool-Tile-3

Pool Plaster Services

Low calcium levels, improper chemicals measures and intense sun on empty pools can cause pool surfaces to crack. Pool Plaster Parsippany, New Jersey can repair, install and maintain your pool. Keep your swimming pool in optimum condition with the expert services of our pool professionals.


We do pool plastering, install tiles, coping around the pool, install caulking or repair or install concrete decking. Some selection we offer are:

  • Hydrazzo is installed, then, polished giving a pool a great look and feel.
  • White Plaster is a standard pool finish and the least expensive.
  • Pebble plaster is a polished finish and sold in multiple colors. These tiny beads of shiny glass bonded with polymers are sold in multiple colors.  Persons decorating a pool can create a beautiful environment inside the pool.
  • Aggregate is a sparkling finish sold in multiple colors. and has a possibility of lasting 20 years; very attractive finish.

Glass tiles present a luxurious look in pool areas. Mosaic looking glass decorates the pool with a corrosion resilient exterior. These pools look especially lovely and last up to 50 years properly installed. Contact Pool Plaster Parsippany, New Jersey by phone or email and get an inspection of your pool.


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