Pool Plaster Pittstown, New Jersey

Sergio’s Pool Services visited this swimming pool 10 Years ago to help with small pool renovations. The homeowner of the house told us that our service stuck out so much that he decided to save out business card o when he needed to replaster the swimming pool that he would call us!

Swimming Pool Plaster Experts

This Residential Pool Plaster located in Pittstown, New Jersey by Sergio’s Pools Service and Renovations Inc was replastered with Diamond Brite Blue Teal Plaster Finish.

Swimming Pool Tile & Coping Experts

Sergio’s Pool Service are experts in Tile & Coping and can even add small Tile Mosaics in the center of your swimming pool. This swimming pool had 3 small turtle Mosaics added when the pool was installed. The homeowner has fell in love with the turtles and was sad to see them go. Our team was able to salvage the 10 year old Sea Turtle Tiles from the previous Tile Job!

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