Pool Plaster Smyrna, Delaware

Want to give your pool a new look or need repairs? Contact the professionals at Sergio’s Pool Plaster and explore our available pool renovation options. We offer customers experienced pool plastering service with over 30 years in the business. We’re a renovation company qualified in the following:Swimming-Pool-Tile-New-Jersey-33

  • Swimming Pool Caulking – sealing joints along the pool
  • Concrete Deck
  • Pool Tile
  • Coping – repairing cracks and removing stains
  • Pool Plaster – new or old pools

We offer customers a beautiful selection of styles: Hydrazzo, pebble plaster and aggregate. Plaster gives pools a bright luster but requires replacing every 10 to 12 years and wears faster than materials that are more durable. Plaster is porous and becomes chipped easily.

Swimming Pool Tile & Coping

Glass tile presents a luxurious look to pool areas. Mosaic looking glass decorates the pool with a corrosion resilient exterior. These pools look especially lovely, and last up to 50 years when properly installed.

Keep pool areas looking beautiful by repairing pool plaster today. Perhaps an update is in order. The many colors available for pool renovations are available for all poolside renovations. Contact Pool Plaster Smyrna Delaware for quality pool care or renovation.

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