Pool Renovations & Repairs Doylestown, PA

Swimming pools provide great value to a home and can actually raise the home’s property value if the owner has the dwelling on the market. Pools give you fin and relaxation as well and are a great investment if added to a structure. Unfortunately many people don’t seem to take care of this prime investment which can become a hazardous or detrimental to a person’s health. Swimming pool maintenance can be tough especially if you’re a novice, but the best thing to do is hire professional help.SAM_0185

Why Choose Sergio’s Pool Renovation?

Sergio’s Pool Renovation¬†has you covered and can handle all of your repair and renovation needs. The company specializes in pool plastering, repair, and renovations, but hosts many other unique services in this field. Being in business for over 30 years is living proof and a strong testament of just how successful this company truly is. Whether it’s commercial or residential, (Sergio’s) offer:

  • Pool Plaster
  • Pool Coping
  • Commercial Pool Plaster
  • Pool Tile & Caulking

Sergio’s is located in Oatesville, PA, but is looking to expand into the Doylestown¬†Area. With such success, the company is experiencing growth and this team of pool repair specialists covers a wide range over the areas of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The company offers all customers/client quality work and prompt service, which helps them stay one foot of the competition.

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