Pool Renovations & Repairs Hackettstown, New Jersey

Have you been putting off making necessary repairs for your swimming pool? The weather is cooling down, but this is the perfect time of year to make those necessary changes that will have your pool ready for action when warmer weather hits next year.River-Rok-Blue-Opal

Swimming pool repair isn’t easy and requires extensive knowledge for doing the job right. Plaster damage is very common for most owners, but it also can be very dangerous for the individuals swimming in the pools. Broken/cracked plaster and hard, sharp edges can send you to the emergency room if not careful, so why not hire a professional pool repair expert. If you’re residing in Hacketttown, NJ and are in need of some pool repair services; Sergio’s Pool Renovation is the best route to take.

Benefits of Sergio’s Pool Repairs

     Sergio’s provides high quality work, has great customer service, expertise, and covers a huge local area. With over 30 years of experience; the company’s resume is long and full of satisfied customers. They offer a wide range of pool plaster finishes such as Sunstone Select, River Rok, Florida Stucco, Sunstone, Hydrazzo, Diamond Brite, and Durazzo. Need commercial pool services? Sergio’s does just that as well as residential pools. It’s time to get your pool up and running at full capacity and Sergio’s Pool Renovation has the knowledge, know-how, skill, and ambition to create beautiful works of art.

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