Pool Renovations & Repairs Morristown, New Jersey

Swimming pool repair and restorative services are mandatory if you want to keep your pool operating at it’s best. Whether it’s coping, caulking, or plaster; it’s a must for each and every owner. Pool Plastering is one of the best services for your pool’s health and for people’s safety. Cracked surfaces or sharp edges can cause serious harm to any person.IMG_0445

Sergio’s Pool Renovations & What It Can Do For You

Doing it yourself can be tricky and costly, so the best thing to do is to hire professional help. If you’re in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware Area’s, Sergio’s Pool Renovation has the answer for all of your toughest pool problems. The company has been in business for 30 years and provides top notch service, advice, and customer service. Located in Oatesville, PA, the company is looking to expand into the Morristown, New Jersey Area. Sergio’s has a long list of satisfied customers and the company specializes in residential and commercial pool repair. Check out some of the services below:

  • Pool Coping
  • Pool Tile
  • Commercial Pool Plaster
  • Pool Decking and Caulking
  • Pool Plaster

Sergio’s stand out as a leader thanks to it’s team of pool repair specialists. These guys have expert knowledge in the field for handling the toughest of issues. Cracks or stains?

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