How to Remove Algae From Your Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Algae can be a major pain. Has algae took over your swimming pool and you need help? Sergio’s Pool Plaster is here to help remedy Pool Algae.

Three Major Swimming Pool Algaes

  • Green or blue algae
  • Yellow or mustard algae
  • Black algae

Green Algae is the most common of all the swimming pool algae because it grows due to lack of proper sanitation and filtration. Sometimes you’ll see this algae free floating in your swimming pool under the ladder, on the side of the walls and some times in worse case senario….turn your pool green. (See Olympic Green Pool)

The good thing about this type of algae is that it’s easy to get rid of.

Method #1: Get Rid of Pool Algae by Superchlorination (Shock)

It’s a good idea to buy your shock in bulk to save money and so it’s always on hand. This shock has a very high amount of active chlorine which is perfect for killing algae. Remember always shock your pool at night when the sun is gone for it to be its most effective. Depends how many gallons of water is in your pool to figure out how much to shock.

We also suggest to “Floc” your swimming pool or to use Algaecide during the swimming pool off season.


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