Solving The Cloudy Water Problem

No Pool owners want a Cloudy swimming Pool the day before your supposed to throw the biggest pool party f the summer! Sergio’s Pool Service is here to help you remedy the Cloudiness in your pool’s appearance.

What Causes the Cloudy Water Problem.

Water cloudiness or turbidity is caused by the introduction of suspended particles that are invisible to the naked eye. A similar analogy would be the particles in the air that cause smoke. These impurities are introduced to the water through different ways. Mainly pollen, dirt, clay and silt which can all contribute to cloudy water. Even the people you have swimming in your swimming pool can contribute to the problem. Other causes of Cloudy Water:

  • Improper water balance
  • Change in pH
  • Change in temperature

Ways to Prevent Cloudy Water Problem

  • Proper Water Balance
  • Physically filtration Maintenance
  • Running the Pump (recommended pool owners operate the pump at least 10 to 12 hours per day.)

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