What is Florida Stucco?

There are many different uses for Stucco. Most people think of Stucco as this durable material can be found as the dominant exterior material for houses. This Florida Stucoo is a Pool Plaster Finish that is dominating the Pool Plaster Industry!

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One of the first things you need to know about Florida Stucco is that it is composed of Portland cement and two grades of silica. The silica and the Portland cement mesh together and utilize a fade resistant pigment and a water repelling agent in order to provide a range of attractive colors.

Although Florida Stucco is an attractive pigment, it takes a lot of expert care in order to manage it effectively. Experts who work with Florida Stucco realize they will have to undergo a number of rigid quality-control standards in order to consistently deliver a quality product that will be appreciated for generations to come.

Florida Stucco has 4 different products:

  • Florida Stucco Gem¬†Finish
  • Florida Stucco Reserve Finishes
  • Florida Stucco Pearl Finishes
  • Florida Stucco Petite Finishes

Because of these specifications, Florida Stucco is manufactured in order to deliver a long-lasting pleasant finish whether it is on the exterior walls of your home or on the interior of your swimming pool. Florida Stucco will be available in 18 different colors and will be able to be effectively blended to your specifications.

As a swimming pool owner, you owe it to yourself and to the resale value of your property in order to ask your Florida Stucco expert a number of questions. They should have expert experience in this field and have the versatility to blend this stucco in the mold and color you desire.


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